Because the success of your project matters to us, we have been able to secure the right path

Because the success of your business matters to us, we have been able to secure the right path so that your business will succeed and achieve the widest spread and thus you will achieve more profit

Don't hesitate to leave your business in safe hands with Targus Me

7 years of experience, we have an expert cadre in dealing with the customer who can understand the customer's requirements and implement them with great skill and accuracy in order to achieve customer satisfaction and success for his project.

Company founder's word:

From the first moment I came up with the idea of Targus Me, I imagined the success of the company on a global scale, I tried to select an expert, educated and social team to understand the requirements of the customer and give him professional results. Seven years of experience was enough to form a professional team that can succeed in any project it receives.

Our commitment to the success of your project is our daily business; we will be here to provide support with superior quality and reasonable cost with our experts.

Targus Me is MIS development and online marketing company founded in 2015. Our initial focus is on back-end development and content managed MIS solutions to help make great collaboration with all organizations.

In the years that followed, the web matured very quickly. Then came social media, digital marketing, mobile application, and ERP Systems. During this shift, our client base grew in both size and success.

Targus Me is today a one-stop shop for fully customized, systems, integrated web and marketing solutions to fit a wide range of needs.

Our customers say :

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Our customers say :

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Our team is highly qualified self-organized team. We have been developing and deploying MIS Solutions for over 8 years. The maturity level which we have acquired is of a world class quality. We proud ourselves with our State-of-the-art systems.

As an MIS services company we are aware of the delivery delay that most MIS Projects suffers from. However, due to our strict quality control, extensive analysis, and process management we always deliver on time. Moreover, our support team is highly trained and our response time is unprecedented with its agility.

Why TargusMe:

Our goal is to gain customer loyalty, exceed their expectations and experiences, and strengthen weak points of contact with them.

Develop flexibility and reduce the impact of service interruptions through a process to identify and address potential incidents and prevent their recurrence.

Optimizing time to market and ensuring services are delivered quickly, efficiently and in accordance with applicable agreements.

Increasing quality in addition to providing the highest possible level of service quality.

Reduce costs by improving planning and reducing rework.